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The million-mile test was an extension of an identically designed half-million-mile test that compared EcoPower to two leading, super-premium, heavy-duty diesel engine oils made from crude oil.
Petro-Canada offers a full line of synthetic, synthetic blend, single grade and multi-grade heavy-duty engine oils marketed worldwide under the Duron brand name.
It includes both Group-I and Group-II base-stocks to meet and exceed API CI-4, the toughest test for engine oils to date," he concluded.
HDAX 7200 Low Ash Gas Engine Oil SAE 40 provides the following potential benefits:
The higher-performing API CI-4 capable engine oils entering the marketplace are drawing attention among fleet maintenance personnel, since reformulated engine oils that stand up to the higher performance standards of CI-4 are good news for truck and fleet owner operators alike.
There is plenty of data available to enable lubricant companies to design an engine oil that will be a true performer in the off-highway segment.
Table 13 Quality and Market Share of Gasoline Engine Oil in Asia-Pacific Region
Always make sure your Stryker is on level ground before checking the engine oil level.
Castrol Tection Extra is a premium diesel engine oil that includes low ash soot handling technology for heavyduty engines.
In the commercial grade engine oil GTX, the percentage of volume swell of ENR-50 was just slightly higher than NBR.
Six hundred-acre tree farm and nature preserve protects the environment and employee health with G-OIL 2-Cycle Green Engine Oil
698,26 euro exclusive of VAT Lubricants: Engine Oil Type 1 (SAE 20W-50, ACEA A3 / B4, E7): 4,000 liters, total budget 15,000.

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