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A special featurette, "The Manhunter Look," engrossingly reveals the ways the cinematography and sound were used to add to the eeriness.
In this engrossingly moody tale of card sharks, high stakes and underworld intrigue, she shares the screen with two of Hollywood's hottest stars - Matt Damon and Ed Norton.
With practice and patience, balance begins to function engrossingly for struggling writers.
DeathSpank is an engrossingly fun and hysterically funny experience, and we are all excited to have the opportunity to help introduce DeathSpank to gamers across the world.
s Whistleblower) comes Unlucky Plaza, an OFW-themed ensemble drama that is as significant for its narrative pertinence as it is for its director's ability to engrossingly spin interconnected tales.
They represented an alluring challenge for Lukas Polak, who, to my taste, occasionally applies an overly elliptical vibrato, yet has succeeded in presenting them, the Rondo drammatico in particular, so forcibly and engrossingly that I have not the slightest doubt as to his great artistry.
It's not often that a director manages to follow his worst film with his best, but even if he weren't rebounding from "The Cobbler," Tom McCarthy would have a considerable achievement on his hands with "Spotlight," a superbly controlled and engrossingly detailed account of the Boston Globe's Pulitzer Prize-winning investigation into the widespread pedophilia scandals and subsequent cover-ups within the Catholic Church.
Singing is of a uniformly impressive quality from the entire cast, athletic, deftly embellished, sparky at times, engrossingly heartfelt at others.
9 The Wanderer (Avishai Sivan)The Israeli filmmaker's debut feature about a yeshiva student with troubled ultra-Orthodox parents and a testicular malady remains engrossingly oblique until its unfortunate finale.
Archaeology, conceptual thinking, mathematics, and the successful reconstruction of the mechanism all are engrossingly presented.
GERMANY'S contender for this year's foreign language film Oscar, ``Nowhere in Africa,'' engrossingly combines another unusual, true Holocaust survival story with one of the better filmed examinations of Europeans in British colonial Kenya.
A tender and poignant film, Awakenings successfully marries an engrossingly human story with two wonderful central performances.