enhanced parallel port

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enhanced parallel port

(EPP) A parallel port that confirms to the IEEE's EPP standard. An EPP is actually an expansion bus that can handle 64 disk drives and other peripherals.

["PC Magazine", 1996-01-09, p. 262].

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Agfa's Enhanced Parallel Port interface includes the unique OptiSpeed module that automatically sets the scanner to its maximum speed regardless of the computer's limitations.
The system is also outfitted with an Enhanced Parallel Port, making access to external devices faster and a 16550 FIFO (first-in, first-out) serial port, ensuring the system can communicate at full speed with external devices, such as high-speed modems.
Available immediately, this personal desktop scanner is one of the first Enhanced Parallel Port (PC compatible) scanners to offer an optical resolution of 600 ppi (pixels per inch) -- while maintaining a price point of under $200.
44MB floppy disk drive, upgradable FLASH BIOS, two Type II PCMCIA slots forming a single Type III slot, a modem/audio module socket, one serial port, one EPP/ECP enhanced parallel port, an external video port, and a PS/2-compatible mouse/keyboard/keypad port.

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