enhancement mode

enhancement mode

[en′hans·mənt ‚mōd]
Operation of a field-effect transistor in which no current flows when zero gate voltage is applied, and increasing the gate voltage increases the current.
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depletion mode

A transistor that is normally closed (on), allowing current to pass, but is triggered to open (off) and impede current. Contrast with "enhancement mode," wherein the transistor is normally open (off), but is triggered to close (on).

Depletion Mode Is "On"
Depletion mode transistors are always passing current until they are turned off. Enhancement mode devices normally impeded current until they are triggered to turn close and turn on. (Image courtesy of Clive "Max" Maxfield, www.clivemaxfield.com)
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EPC is the provider of enhancement mode gallium nitride-based power management devices.
GaN switching devices come in two different types based on their internal architecture: enhancement mode (e-GaN) and cascoded depletion mode (d-GaN).
EPC is a provider of enhancement mode gallium nitride based power management devices.
The enhancement mode could be clearly determined *Score 4: Full diagnostic image quality with some noise, well displayed structures and lesion detail.
The assets sold include millions of semiconductor die, which are comprised of NPN and PNP High Voltage Transistors, High Voltage Darlington Transistors, High Voltage N-Channel Enhancement Mode Mosfets and one of the most comprehensive lines of Dual Differential Transistors in the industry.
The devices in question were enhancement mode FETs, whereas the test being employed was for depletion mode FETs; specifically, they tested the protection diode across the drain to the source in the FET.
It offers color correction and an advanced text enhancement mode and has a separating mechanism to eliminate the possibility of jams during feedings.
At 900 MHz a depletion mode (D-mode) PHEMT features output power density of 630 mW/mm with power-added efficiency (PAE) of 85 percent at 7 V, while an enhancement mode (E-mode) PHEMT features a PAE of 70 percent and higher from 2 to 7 V and high output power densities, especially at lower voltages.
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