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see silagesilage
or ensilage
, succulent, moist feed made by storing a green crop in a silo. The crop most used for silage is corn; others are sorghum, sunflowers, legumes, and grass.
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There were 5 replicates per treatment and three replicates per plot, with the making of 75 silos in total that, after 56 days of ensilage, were opened to assess the quality and nutritional value of the silages.
Silage is a basic material for animal feed in the form of grass or leguminosae kept fresh through ensilage process.
& MERCADO, C., 2001.- Persistence of Escherichia coli, Salmonella choleraesuis, Aujeszky's Disease virus and blue eye disease virus in ensilages base on the solid fraction of pig.
In peak season breadfruit trees bear in astonishing abundance, providing surpluses that can be fermented in pits (a process known as ensilage) and preserved for later use.
Microbiological and chemical changes during the ensilage of long, chopped and minced grass.
Normal ensilage fermentation safely eliminates the poisonous principle.
In some areas this includes steering moose away from highways or buying ensilage from farmers to reduce damage on young pine plantations (Gundersen, unpublished data).
A scientific review the Member States cited has apparently mentioned a possibility that the disease might be spread by the method for preserving green fodder for cattle (ensilage).
In any case, it may be concluded that coffee pulp ensilage is a valid alternative to handling and storing the huge amounts of coffee pulp produced in the factories around the world which process coffee fruits.
The data was subjected to two-way analysis of variance with the fixed effects of additives, ensilage period and additivesx ensilage period using the general linear model procedure of SAS rev.
Ensilage is the technique recommended for storing and preserving this type of food, because it provides greater durability (RODRIGUES NETO et al., 2001).