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see silagesilage
or ensilage
, succulent, moist feed made by storing a green crop in a silo. The crop most used for silage is corn; others are sorghum, sunflowers, legumes, and grass.
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The process of ensilage is to forestall shortage of feed in dry season.
In our study, ORE, CIN, and ORECIN showed an increasing effect in low pHs (during the ensilage period).
Silage is material for animal feed in the form of greenery (weeds or leguminosae) kept fresh through the process of ensilage.
To determine the aerobic stability of the TMR silages, bags were opened after 28 and 56 d of ensilage and the entire contents were manually mixed.
During the ensilage process, LAB produced lactic acid to lower the pH and inhibit the growth of undesirable microorganisms, and produced good quality silage.
Corn cobs and corn stover were ground using an ensilage cutter into 2 to 3 mm long pieces.
Effect of herbage water-soluble carbohydrate content and weather conditions at ensilage on the fermentation of grass silages made on commercial farms.
Changes during ensilage in fermentation products, tea catechins, antioxidative activity and in vitro gas production of green tea waste stored with or without dried beet pulp.
paracasei during ensilage of sterile and nonsterile ryegrass and found that they had a significant effect on silage amino acid profiles.