entente cordiale

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Entente Cordiale:

see Triple Alliance and Triple EntenteTriple Alliance and Triple Entente
, two international combinations of states that dominated the diplomatic history of Western Europe from 1882 until they came into armed conflict in World War I.
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Entente Cordiale

agreement between Great Britain and France to settle their disagreements over colonies as diplomatic partners. [Eur. Hist.: WB, 21: 367]

entente cordiale

1. a friendly understanding between political powers: less formal than an alliance
2. the understanding reached by France and Britain in April 1904, which settled outstanding colonial disputes
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Entente Cordiale, who is owned by Newsells Park Stud, has a filly foal by the stud's resident Mount Nelson at foot and was covered by Pivotal this spring.
Dr Duncan Baird, of the University's School of Medicine, is this year's winner of the Entente Cordiale Cancer Prize.
In April, Britain and France signed the historic Entente Cordiale, designed to end all conflicts between the two countries.
For us, for example, the incipient Nelson-fest segues easily into the continuing exploration of the Entente Cordiale (which had its true centenary earlier this year), with Glenn Richardson's survey of a thousand years of rivalry, suspicion and grudging respect between the two nations.
But the eight-times tour winner is ready to become the torch-bearer in another staggering display of entente cordiale -which should benefit the Warwickshire Lawn Tennis Association.
Coun Tim Sawdon dented the entente cordiale last week when he said: "It might be argued that having 26 or 27 twin cities (there is some doubt as to whether Caen in France actually is one) is a bit over the top.
THE entente cordiale was under new strain after support from across the Channel for the two French-trained Classic winners left punters feeling short-changed by smaller than expected Tote win dividends.
Both sides were recently deemed unsuitable for Super League and a feeling of entente cordiale may replace the usually hostile terrace atmosphere.
And at the end of it all, French and English kids got together in a spirit of entente cordiale to compile a photographic record of their visit.
This entente cordiale could soon be shattered, and it's all down to - television.
Entente cordiale is alive and kicking as Kilmarnock keeper Alan Combe proved after booting Hibs star Guillaume Beuzelin in the head

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