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The setting of a Polish social enterprise model is discussed in Chapter 3.
The emerging IoT, combined with a sentient enterprise model, has created a "new world" in retail health care focused on consumer-centric care.
The knowledge acquired using SysML models (Use Case, Activity, Block Definition, Requirements) is transformed to Enterprise Model (EM) in order to validate those according to Enterprise Meta-Model (EMM) rules.
The capitalistic, free enterprise model worked just fine without big government's intervention.
systematic reuse of enterprise model fragments in the form of modelling diagram templates.
He added: "The new Waves Enterprise model draws upon the considerable talents of the Waves facilitation panel as well as a dedicated management team to provide a more comprehensive service.
This is the first program of its kind in Australia and has been in place since January 2007, well ahead of the explosion of interest that the social enterprise model is now attracting around the country.
As part of the deal, Danske Bank will adopt Fidessa's managed enterprise model, which will provide the bank with access to a workflow platform delivered through a fully hosted infrastructure, run by Fidessa's own specialist team.
Section 6 presents an enterprise model framework for KM-ERM integration.
NEC's new high-end, 16:9 enterprise model is the first 23-inch monitor in its MultiSync series and is designed for use in education, either in classrooms or administrative offices.
The modified Knowledge-based Enterprise model (KBEM) is developed by identifying the knowledge management function (K) alongside with other management functions (F) in the Value Chain Model (Fig.

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