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city (1990 pop. 20,123), Coffee co., SE Ala.; inc. 1896. It is a peanut-shipping center with many peanut-processing establishments. There are also lumber and textile mills and plants that make concrete. The region's diversified farming began after the boll weevil destroyed (1910–15) the cotton; in gratitude for the resulting prosperity, the city erected (1919) a monument to the boll weevil.
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starship on 5-year mission to explore space. [Am. TV: Star Trek in Terrace]
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a. initiative in business
b. (as modifier): the enterprise culture
2. a business unit; a company or firm
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A business, generally a large one.
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(1) Any undertaking or project, with the implication that it is of reasonable size and complexity.

(2) The entire organization, including all of its subsidiaries. An enterprise implies a large corporation or government agency, but it may also refer to a company of any size with many systems and users to manage. It depends on context. A corner candy store is "someone's enterprise." The terms "enterprise," "company," "corporation" and "organization" are used synonymously.

Enterprise Class
When one hears about an "enterprise class device," it means high-end equipment typically designed for a business organization rather than the average consumer. See enterprise computing, enterprise architecture, enterprise networking and enterprise systems management.
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McFate does not see mercenaries and enterprisers in the same light.
The main cause is that first, network loads and instability due to large traffic of smart TV eventually increase the burden of investment to an existing network business operator; second, smart TV enterprisers are an out-of-network usage charge burden, which is away from institutional equity.
(46) In that context, the interviewees remained either economic operators or enterprisers, but their customers, being consumers, were neither.
private disputes, noting that the government as an enterpriser:
Yet while the educational system has nailed the process of developing the best learners, America is still in the dark about cultivating gifted enterprisers. This could explain why there is such an oversupply of innovation and an undersupply of entrepreneurship.
I've never heard a Free Enterpriser call some uncouth lout, bum, or criminal "another poor unfortunate." Nor have such people rushed eagerly to the defense of a psychopathic juvenile murderer with cries of "Broken Home!" For these things alone Free Enterprise deserves our deepest respect; it is the keeper of our sanity.
Togetherness & Enterpriser: Togetherness people have a natural aversion to the results of the Enterpriser, whose approach to feelings is, "you'll get over them."
Enterpriser program include Ford Motor Company, Chrysler Corporation, RTKL, Albert Kahn Associates, Abbott Laboratories, and Bechtel Corporation.
A free enterpriser at heart and by training, Heinze views himself as a kind of landowner, a role he says is mandated by the state constitution and suits his no-nonsense management style.
He edited The Enterpriser, a weekly paper for all of Maine, and often contributed to The Christian Science Monitor, The Baltimore Sun, and the New York Times Magazine.
Even known free enterpriser Gary Becker of the University of Chicago had to admit that under certain conditions, corporate altruism may actually be good for business.
The housing schemes which have been declared bogus include Islam Green Valley, Jammu and Kashmir Enterpriser, Khan Model town, Latif Abad, Rawalpindi Green city phase11, Dubai city, Peace city, Gulshan Balgram Alhon garden, Ali motorway city, Classic city, Hina town, Jafria town, Gulshan Sangral, Khyber model town, Gulshan Subhan, Gulshan Mustafa, Gulshan Mohammadi, Indus city, Khyber city, City light, Alharmain town, Saleh city, Sanam Valley, Osama town, Qartaba corporation, Qartaba farming, and other housing schemes.

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