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Marie Antoinette was too beautiful and entrancingly royal for her own good (her predecessor had been reassuringly plain).
Another powerful cast opened the season with Un Ballo in Maschera, revived in quite old but entrancingly brocaded designs by John Conklin.
Look up his entrancingly folkloric "Gabbeh" from 1996 in a well-stocked video store).
Early color experiments in film are so boldly stylized that they often don't seem dated so much as entrancingly timeless.
Finally it's Chekhov she most calls to mind: Her characters, for the most part, are entrancingly anonymous.
Cast overall as a mirror rondo whose sectional contrasts are marked by the presence (in A) or absence (B) of the harp, and with the bracketed B interludes shown as numbers of measures, this entrancingly hypnotic scheme traces a neatly palindromic curve of growth and decline from Introduction, through A1 (B1) A2 (B3) A3 (B5) A4 (B7) A5; B11; A5 (B7) A4 (B5) A3 (B3) A2 (B1) A1, to Coda.