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in law, the instigation of a crime in the attempt to obtain cause for a criminal prosecution. Situations in which a government operative merely provides the occasion for the commission of a criminal act (e.g., when an undercover agent posing as a narcotics dealer is approached by a would-be customer) do not constitute entrapment. Only when the crime was not initially contemplated by the target is entrapment said to occur: thus, for example, an undercover agent may not recruit a previously law-abiding individual into a drug distribution ring in order to prosecute. Many police operations, especially in the areas of drugs and gambling, raise questions of entrapment, which is available as a defense in a trial.


The underground trapping of oil or gas reserves by folds, faults, domes, asphaltic seals, unconformities, and such.


Fear of Flying
metaphor for housewife Isadora Wing’s temporary inability to achieve self-awareness. [Am. Lit.: Fear of Flying]
Frome, Ethan
chained to detestable wife and unsalable farm. [Am. Lit.: Ethan Frome]
Loman, Willy
despite dreams of success, he is condemned to failure. [Am. Drama; Death of a Salesman, Payton, 397]
trapped in the domesticity demanded by her husband. [Nor. Lit.: Ibsen A Doll’s House]
Prufrock, J. Alfred
aware that his life is meaningless and empty, he struggles to rise above it, but cannot. [Br. Lit.: “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” in Payton, 548]
Rochester, Edward
tied to insane wife; cannot marry Jane Eyre. [Br. Lit.: Jane Eyre]
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Prostitutes were often referred to ironically and punningly as "angels" -- what they would receive in payment for their services -- what Sir Alexander uses to entrap Moll here.
7 French NCompass Nitinol Stone Extractor features intricate multi-wire geometry and dual basket design, enabling physicians to entrap all stone fragments as small as 1.
If the web touched the bottom roll first, it could entrap air and cloud the sheet, according to extrusion division president Dennis Paradise.
From these studies, Ross says, it became apparent the drugs bind first to DNA and then entrap the enzyme.
Ironically, Tingey notes, although the potato's glue isn't sticky enough to actually entrap the Colorado potato beetle, it does lead them to feed less and rest more -- contributing to a reduction in their growth, delay in their maturation and decrease in their reproductive capacity.
During its bi-directional rotation, nitrogen gas is injected and sheared into fine bubbles and spread evenly into the molten metal to entrap hydrogen and oxides.
The thixotropic material enters the die as one mass and does not entrap air, a common cause of porosity in diecast parts.
Doxorubicin-Transdrug consists of a polymer used to entrap doxorubicin administered by the intra-arterial route to treat primary liver cancer.
Micellar nanoparticles are used to entrap human estrogen, 17-beta estradiol and deliver it through the skin.
Albert's attorney, Roy Black, contended rough-and-tumble sex had become commonplace between them over the years and tried to show that the woman had sought to entrap Albert.
Seldom found are pieces of deteriorated refractory or surface slag except when buildup develops to the point that it can entrap these larger particles before they rise to the surface.