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Entrap (Kieren Fallon) runs out an impressive winner of the conditions race
We have spent considerable amount of time developing a protocol to entrap retinol, due to the importance that this molecule plays in the personal care marketplace and the benefits that Poly-Pore can add.
SELECTIONS: 2.05 Pretty Clear, 2.35 Hairy Night, 3.10 Riberac (nap), 3.55 Vintage Premium, 4.30 Flying Lyric, 5.00 Entrap, 5.30 Blackheath.
The inwardly folded ends of the sling establish a pocket to entrap fluid and receive and restrain a removable fluid absorbent pad insert from forward or lateral slippage.
Theirs is one of many relationships highlighted on Inside Story, which exposes "bed espionage" - the use of women to entrap foreigners into compromising positions.
If the web touched the bottom roll first, it could entrap air and cloud the sheet, according to extrusion division president Dennis Paradise.
From these studies, Ross says, it became apparent the drugs bind first to DNA and then entrap the enzyme.
Ironically, Tingey notes, although the potato's glue isn't sticky enough to actually entrap the Colorado potato beetle, it does lead them to feed less and rest more -- contributing to a reduction in their growth, delay in their maturation and decrease in their reproductive capacity.
During its bi-directional rotation, nitrogen gas is injected and sheared into fine bubbles and spread evenly into the molten metal to entrap hydrogen and oxides.
The thixotropic material enters the die as one mass and does not entrap air, a common cause of porosity in diecast parts.
Seldom found are pieces of deteriorated refractory or surface slag except when buildup develops to the point that it can entrap these larger particles before they rise to the surface.
These points of view would be valid were it not for the tendency of: * metal to contract and densify upon solidifying; * alloying elements to come out of solution in various undesirable ways when metal cools and freezes slowly; * molten metal to entrap air and form oxides when sloshing into the mold.