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in law, the instigation of a crime in the attempt to obtain cause for a criminal prosecution. Situations in which a government operative merely provides the occasion for the commission of a criminal act (e.g., when an undercover agent posing as a narcotics dealer is approached by a would-be customer) do not constitute entrapment. Only when the crime was not initially contemplated by the target is entrapment said to occur: thus, for example, an undercover agent may not recruit a previously law-abiding individual into a drug distribution ring in order to prosecute. Many police operations, especially in the areas of drugs and gambling, raise questions of entrapment, which is available as a defense in a trial.


The underground trapping of oil or gas reserves by folds, faults, domes, asphaltic seals, unconformities, and such.


Fear of Flying
metaphor for housewife Isadora Wing’s temporary inability to achieve self-awareness. [Am. Lit.: Fear of Flying]
Frome, Ethan
chained to detestable wife and unsalable farm. [Am. Lit.: Ethan Frome]
Loman, Willy
despite dreams of success, he is condemned to failure. [Am. Drama; Death of a Salesman, Payton, 397]
trapped in the domesticity demanded by her husband. [Nor. Lit.: Ibsen A Doll’s House]
Prufrock, J. Alfred
aware that his life is meaningless and empty, he struggles to rise above it, but cannot. [Br. Lit.: “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” in Payton, 548]
Rochester, Edward
tied to insane wife; cannot marry Jane Eyre. [Br. Lit.: Jane Eyre]
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Indoor air quality issues such as these and other environmental risks of equal importance including leaking oil tanks, asbestos exposures, lead based paint and more, are legacy risks that can entrap an unsuspecting buyer of residential properties in a web of costly litigation typically not covered by any standard property or casualty insurance program.
But we have a massive problem with the way in which this government is setting out, with the connivance of the police, local authorities and trading standards, to entrap retailers.
Mattress width, length, and/or depth; alignment of the bed frame; type of siderail; and condition of mattress should leave no gap wide enough to entrap a resident's head or body.
In one application, the highly porous fibrous carrier has been used to entrap a variety of sorbents and biosupports that can be tailored to address a wide spectrum of chemical agents, pathogens and other contaminants.
Topkamp had Camlet, Golden Nun and Entrap behind her when winning twice earlier this season and drops back in trip after being touched off in Listed class last time.
skills are needed for a covert operation to entrap a popular actor with a fetish for underage girls.
Rather than focus on the plight of the young lovers, the play focuses instead on attempts to utilize, obtain, or entrap Moll.
He told detectives in tapes played in court: "Osborne was clearly trying to entrap me and lead me on.
The whole day long these touts remain active to entrap the innocent people who come to district courts in connection with their cases", an applicant from a suburban area of Islamabad.
BODY CLOCK I FEEL my eyelids both unlock, to the ticktock of the clock, My mind now awake from close-down, facial Awareness relieving my frown, Eyelids flutter, being torn from sweet dreams, As mind and body seek to satisfy extremes, In warmth, snoring unison now defunct, as others Equally now grunt, Darkness once more calls to entrap, as instant recovery Leaves the afternoon nap, Although still sleepy, 'where am I?
A significant amount of metal still was swirling at the ingate area, causing the metal to fold over itself and entrap oxide skins.