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mezzanine, entresol

1. A low-ceilinged story or extensive balcony, usually constructed next above the ground floor.
2. In a theater, the lowest balcony or the forward part of the first balcony.
3. A space under the stage used for the manipulation of scenery in connection with a plateau lift system.
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At Entresol, classical style remains the heart and soul with the latest trends at the forefront.
Tenders are invited for The purpose of the tender is to contract the access control service at the bess sau office in the local housing office, Hereinafter referred to as bess-olh~~s plan, Located at calle mar 8, Entresol, By sant adri de bess, In opening hours from 8:30 a.m.
Address : C/ Doctor Roux, 59-61, Entresol 08017 Barcelona

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