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The two ROC plots for conditional and unconditional transfer entropies are displayed in Figure 5.
Ostruszka, "Renyi entropies in particle cascades," Acta Physica Polonica B, vol.
The complexity of signal is added by Gauss white noise and entropies of all IMFs increase.
Moreover, we adopt Pearson's correlation to investigate the correlation between network entropies and the effects of systemic risk.
Sadasivan, "Entropies for detection of epilepsy in EEG," Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, vol.
An illustrative example has been tested on the concentration and dilation for comparing the performance of proposed entropy with the some existing entropies as given below.
We set the values of [M.sub.t] and [M.sub.f] (the parameters used for the calculation of entropies) as 20 and 40, respectively, with q = 0.5 for Tsallis entropy.
4, the distances between the estimated entropies of the noise and signal in [11] and [13] are smaller than that of the proposed spectrum sensing scheme.
Therefore, we make the model capable of taking into account possible linear relations between the size of the entropies and the magnitude of the estimated apexes.
where [u.sub.ji] is the SK relative energy probability distribution, [u.sub.ji] - [[??].sup.2.sub.ji][E.sub.max], [E.sub.max] = max([E.sub.j]), [E.sub.j] - [[summation].sup.M.sub.i=1][[??].sup.2.sub.ji], the number of overhead lines is [l.sub.1], and the SK relative energy entropies are [C.sub.a] (a - 1,2, ..., [l.sub.1]).
Figure 10 illustrates the entropies of the echo signals' 201 points before and after the targets' position for 100 points.
For consistency purposes, this study used base e to calculate the entropies.