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The irreversibility phenomena due to heat transfer and viscous effects which are expressed by entropy generation are significant study of a natural convection system.
It is also a more practical measure, which takes into account the actual ability to predict the next price change given the history of some specified length, by trying to maximise the entropy rate at each step.
It defines the entropy residual (in semidiscrete form), from which we then derive [E.
Let 9 denote a parameter of the given cross entropy algorithm.
When the observation point moves upstream, make [mathematical expression not reproducible]; the information entropy of [x.
The difference between Cause and Effect from an Entropic point of view is given by the Entropy Ratio between two Causal States and in some situations by the Entropy flow direction between two states.
Calculating the entropy for item j index, where k is Boltzmann's constant k>0, so that k=1/lnn:
This article will introduce the maximum entropy principle to the cleaning strategy for RFID data.
If brain entropy could offer useful insight into intelligence, Saxe proposed, then it should track closely with IQ scores.
Is it possible to define a new weighted cross entropy measure under interval-valued neutrosophic set that is free from asymmetrical phenomena?
Table-1: Structural details and their thermal energy (Eth), heat capacity (CV) and entropy (S) for the sulfonamides used in present study