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Obviously, walking rather than driving helps reduce your environmental load.
According to the textbooks this mite is transmitted only during suckling and there is no evidence that the mites are contracted any other way; however I have had one or two cases where I have been suspicious of disease 'spread' when in contact, animals have been exposed to a high environmental load of demodex.
In order to reduce the environmental load generated from the disposal of used plastic products, significant attention has been placed on biodegradable plastics.
An estimated 6,000t of CO2 emissions were saved due to the concrete waste reduction helping reduce the overall environmental load of the project.
However, it is the making of us humans which has caused dramatic environmental load and pressure to our very own waters.
The environmental load in electroplating industry mainly consists of process waste water, hydroxide sludge and sulphuric acid.
Dahlblom (2013) [8] presents a finite element implementation of a beam element with the aim of studying how wooden composites behave during both mechanical and environmental load action.
For a set consisting of aspects, we have: N = {PTARM, CA, EA, CH} where CA (acronym in Spanish) is the environmental load and EA (acronym in Spanish) is the environmental effect.
Seriously acknowledging the environmental load of its own business activities, the AGC Group is working to reduce the impact on the environment through improvements to its manufacturing processes.
Key statement: An object of the invention is to provide an elastomer composition containing a substance as an alternative raw material for an elastomer component, which is low in environmental load and capable of being produced at low cost, and a tire using the elastomer composition.
The appropriation of ecological space; agrofuels, unequal exchange and environmental load displacements.
The facility further reduces NTT Com's environmental load by using rain water in the air conditioning, generating electricity from solar panels, and using heat from the server equipment to warm office areas in the winter.
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