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(veterinary medicine)
A disease affecting animals in a limited geographic region.
Pertaining to such a disease.



an animal disease limited to a specific region, farm, or locality. True enzootic diseases are related to natural conditions, such as the animals’ natural area of distribution, sources of the causative agent, the presence of specific carriers, the viability of the causative agent outside the body of the animal, and an insufficient quantity of trace elements in the soil.

Statistical enzootic diseases are related to the agricultural activities of man and the veterinary maintenance. True enzootics are not registered throughout a whole region (for example, natural focal diseases), while statistical enzootics are widespread (for example, Escherichia coli and salmonella infections).

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Based on this study, it would be recommended that the endemic population of parasitoids and enzootic entomopathogenic fungi be considered as part of a multi-trophic ecosystem, which may be adversely impacted by the application of any pesticide.
Identify the following case studies as endemic, enzootic, sporadic, epidemic, epizootic, pandemic, or panzootic.
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Studies include tracking arboviral transmission by using novel surveillance techniques, tracking vector populations, tracking avian amplification host populations, predicting epidemic and enzootic transmission and creating human and domestic animal transmission risk maps.
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The vet may suggest taking blood samples to look at whether ewes have been exposed to toxoplasmosis or enzootic abortion.
Persons who are at increased risk for exposure because of professional or tourist activities in enzootic areas or who might have limited access to medical resources should consult a physician about preexposure vaccination before departure and consider purchasing travel insurance that includes a provision for medical evacuation (6,9).
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