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(veterinary medicine)
A disease affecting animals in a limited geographic region.
Pertaining to such a disease.



an animal disease limited to a specific region, farm, or locality. True enzootic diseases are related to natural conditions, such as the animals’ natural area of distribution, sources of the causative agent, the presence of specific carriers, the viability of the causative agent outside the body of the animal, and an insufficient quantity of trace elements in the soil.

Statistical enzootic diseases are related to the agricultural activities of man and the veterinary maintenance. True enzootics are not registered throughout a whole region (for example, natural focal diseases), while statistical enzootics are widespread (for example, Escherichia coli and salmonella infections).

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Yellow fever virus has a similar enzootic transmission cycle and was recently shown to undergo regionally independent evolution in Venezuela (36), which supports this hypothesis.
45-18 forest Mortality disease in humans virus in enzootic (KFDV) areas Japanese Yes.
Management goals may be refined or redefined so that conditional successes in enhancing reproduction or fishery recruitment in the face of enzootic dermo disease can be maximized.
Regardless of location, stocker or feeder cattle from enzootic areas should be treated for flukes upon arrival.
We describe information on the actual occurrence and IR of SINV-I in the enzootic mosquito vectors Cx.
In particular, the potentially pivotal role of the flea as a vector and host-supported enzootic reservoir could help explain the persistence of sylvatic plague between infrequent epizootics.
They could be at risk from infections that occur in some ewes, including chlamydiosis - enzootic abortion of ewes or EAE - toxoplasmosis and listeriosis, which are all common causes of abortion in ewes.
Overall the most common enzootic vectors of EEE and WNV in southeastern Virginia were Cs.
The new valuation method - also applicable to brucellosis and enzootic bovine leukosis - was announced by the Assembly last week as part of a new package of bovine TB control measures.
Venezuela is located between Trinidad and Brazil, which have contributed major evidence for the enzootic maintenance of YFV in South America.
Part 1: suitable for the detection of antibodies from a blood sample of enzootic bovine leukosis virus (BLV) ELISA test against;
The FlockCheck 2012 blood test is available from vets and is designed to detect exposure to enzootic abortion (EAE) and toxoplasmosis.