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(esp US), eon
1. a period of one thousand million years
2. Gnosticism one of the powers emanating from the supreme being and culminating in the demiurge



an interval of time in the earth’s geological history, during which an eonothem formed. It includes several eras. The length of the last eon, the Phanerozoic, is estimated at 570 million years according to isotopic findings. (See alsoGEOCHRONOLOGY.)


A unit of time, equal to 109 years.
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Baltao says the virtual card comes with a free EON account, hence the name.
Eon is an effort to offer high-end safety features even for low compact segment customers.
9 billion euros from EON s operating profit, it said.
All regulatory approvals from Bank Negara Malaysia, the Minister of Finance, the Securities Commission, as well as shareholders, will have to have been received by November 30, EON Capital said.
The Commission says the companies divided up the gas in the pipeline to avoid competition, but Eon said in a statement from its Frankfurt headquarters the case was an old one and it had been competitive for years.
The event was organized by EON, the Middle East's only retailer for home automation products and featured a wide range of solutions and services that demonstrated how EON smart home technology can be used to simplify life, improve safety and conserve energy.
Eon was a good friend and colleague, a loyal trade unionist who fought the good fight for all of us and lived his life dedicated to his workplace, his community, his friends and, most of all, to his family.
The temporary restraining order preventing Eon from selling itraconazole, granted to Janssen prior to the trial, was lifted, although Janssen announced its intention to appeal.
Reports in the polish press this summer referred to the possibility of the Polish treasury handing 85% of G8 over to EON for an estimated sum of Euro 1.
29, 2006, agreed to sell 400 BCM of gas to Germany's biggest utility Eon through 2036, helping Gazprom fill the 55 BCM/y Nord Stream gas pipeline built under the Baltic Sea from Russia to Germany now on stream.
Provider of communication solutions eOn Communications Corporation (Nasdaq:EONC) and Inventergy Inc, an intellectual property acquisition and licensing company, announced on Tuesday that, at the special meeting of stockholders of the companies held on 3 June 2014 and 2 June 2014, respectively, the merger of eOn and Inventergy was approved.