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Movements which affect large tracts of the earth's crust.



slow secular uplifts and/or subsidences of vast areas of the crust that do not alter the crust’s structure. The term “epeirogeny” was introduced in 1890 by the American geologist G. Gilbert in contrast to the term “orogeny.” In the broad sense, epeirogeny corresponds to the concept of oscillatory movements of the earth’s crust (seeOSCILLATORY MOVEMENTS OF THE EARTHSCRUST).

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2002: Epeirogenic uplift above a detached slab in northern Central America.
Recent data have also shown that Early Cambrian volcanic activity in the Pocologan River area is broadly contemporaneous with epeirogenic events related to a major sequence boundary in the Avalonian cover sequence.
Regional flexing in the Williston Basin to the north, the Trans-continental arch to the south, and the Cordilleran miogeocline to the west caused epeirogenic movements in the Black Hills area.