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Roger Knowles, |who has organised the Book and Ephemera Fair in Edgbaston on Friday
Some ephemera has been collected for years, even centuries: Christmas cards, stamps, currency, books, manuscripts, posters, maps, early photographs, matchboxes .
The Ephemera is mostly up for sale so it could be a profitable clear-out too.
com), named for one of the yardsticks used to determine if an item qualifies as ephemera.
So the next time you are curious about a major event in Australia's history, consider delving into the Ephemera Collection here at the National Library.
The ephemera from a performance would include things such as posters, programs, and tickets that were printed for the event.
3) Admittedly, once upon a time only a few librarians and archivists bothered preserving such materials; but disdain for ephemera has long been on the wane.
To represent this well-traveled, stylish South American family and their eclectic jet-set lifestyle, Cetra/ Ruddy spotlights the collected ephemera from their voyages, including tribal art and fabrics and wood sculptures, all displayed on custom teak millwork.
TV studios are usually utilitarian habitats with little personality aside from welded, plastered sets and eye-catching ephemera for the camera.
The author's research also bypasses the Hatch and Billops Collection, which is exasperating to say the least because it is the largest archive of African American theatrical ephemera.
The kids picked up razor clams, quahogs and other ephemera, some if it delightfully alive.
Ms Dashper said: "Football-related ephemera is as popular as ever.