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The growing or extending of one part, such as the upper hemisphere of a blastula, over and around another part, such as the lower hemisphere, in embryogenesis.
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a method of gastrulation by which cells of the embryo’s animal hemisphere spread through its vegetal hemisphere, the future entoderm (in animals with meroblastic ova, the yolk).

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It is known as the Medusaegraptus epibole, after an unusually abundantly occurring dasyclad algal genus.
The Mount Auburn Member of the Grant Lake Formation and its lateral equivalents in the Terrill Member of the Ashlock Formation was chosen because: 1) regional stratigraphic correlations were constrained to decimeter scale using a combination of key surfaces and marker beds (e.g., hardgrounds, erosional surfaces, major lithofacies offsets), as well as faunal epiboles in closely spaced outcrops along both sides of the Cincinnati Arch and 2) this interval extends laterally from desiccation-cracked, shaly facies to nodular, fossiliferous facies representing environments below normal wave-base that have been previously examined for microendoliths, traces of light-sensitive endolithic cyanobacteria and green and red algae (Vogel & Brett 2009).