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(US), epicenter
the point on the earth's surface directly above the focus of an earthquake or underground nuclear explosion



(1) The projection of the hypocenter of an earthquake onto the earth’s surface (seeHYPOCENTER). The location of the epicenter is determined from recordings by seismic stations, and the epicentral region is determined by the degree of destruction on the surface. Epicenter maps showing the magnitudes of earthquakes are used in seismic zoning. (See alsoEARTHQUAKES.)

(2) The projection onto the earth’s surface of the center of an atmospheric (underwater or underground) nuclear explosion.


A point on the surface of the earth which is directly above the seismic focus of an earthquake and where the earthquake vibrations reach first.
The center of a circle that generates an epicycloid or hypocycloid.
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Table 1 Occurrence time, epicentral distance, observed co-seismic volume strain and water level changes at the Fuxin well for the 2011 [M.
The presence of the theoretically estimated "unusual" higher-frequency wave (some 10 Hz) for the epicentral distance over 100 km might be suspicious.
En el mes de agosto de 1991 otros dos eventos de magnitud 3,0 y 2,6 (Quintero y Guendel (2000) presentaron una localizacion epicentral que sugiere un origen en la falla Tarrazu Norte.
Determinacion de una relacion lineal entre intensidad, magnitud y distancia epicentral para el occidente de Venezuela.
where M is body wave magnitude and D is epicentral distance, based on reports processed by INGEOMINAS for each seismic event.
ij]" la distancia epicentral del j-esimo terremoto sentido en el sitio "i" y "h" la profundidad de la fuente, que en la version original los autores fijan en 10 km.
Epicentral Founded tn 2011 by 409 N Tejon Lisa Tessarowtcz St.
Teniendo en cuenta las relaciones funcionales entre magnitud (M), distancia (R), intensidad (I), intensidad epicentral ([I.
Some moderate events have occurred in the north and east of the investigated area where intensity IX was suggested in epicentral area for the biggest known event.
Phivolcs will continue to monitor sea level changes in the epicentral area while the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (PTWC) in Hawaii will report if any tsunami wave activity is observed.
Located on the Pacific coast, about 190 kilometers southwest of Tokyo, the five-reactor Hamaoka complex is known to be standing on an assumed epicentral area for a massive earthquake.
Con excepcion de esta estacion, todos los tiempos de arribo guardan cierta proporcionalidad con respecto a la distancia epicentral de cada estacion.