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The earthquake was magnitude 6 in the epicentre, felt up to magnitude 5-3 in the surrounding regions.
It is usually felt in up to hundreds of kilometres from the epicentre.
According to the metrological department, the epicentre of the 5.0 magnitude earthquake was found some 43km northwest of Sibi.
'Very deep earthquakes do not travel too far but can be severe to localised areas which are directly over the epicentre, whereas shallow quakes travel to distant areas and could be extremely destructive if the magnitude is above 6.5,' the official added.
The PMD measured the earthquake at 5.3 on the scale and the epicentre - at a depth of 113km - was the Hindu Kush mountain region in Afghanistan.
Few reports of damages to buildings were received from the near by areas of the epicentre.
The Afghan authorities said 52 of their citizens had died, but it will take several days to get accurate casualty figures because the area around the epicentre is so remote.
One of the biggest Midlands earthquakes in living memory hit on April 2, 1990, with the epicentre identified as Bishops Castle in Shropshire.
Charlotte, NC, May 03, 2013 --( SNA, LLC sponsored a tour and social at EpiCentre, an entertainment venue in Charlotte's Uptown Thursday, April 25.
A quake, measuring 7.8 on the Richter Scale at 4:14 pm, was epicentre on Pakistan-Iran border, Indian Meteorological Department said.
An official from the Meteorological Department said the magnitude-6.8 quake struck at 7.42am local time with the epicentre near the town of Shwebo.