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The embryonic plant stem above the cotyledons.



the part of the stem in a plant seedling between the cotyledons and the first true leaves (the first internode). In embryos the epicotyl is a conoid outgrowth consisting of primary formative tissue, or meristem. In plants with aboveground shoot formation the epicotyl and the cotyledons appear above the surface of the soil (for example, in beans and melons). In plants having underground shoot development the cotyledons remain in the soil, and the epicotyl is bent into a loop and then straightened; it carries the bud with the first leaves to the surface, toward the light (for example, in peas, plums, and oaks).

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Although it would be interesting to evaluate the plants directly in each class, because this work can be considered an initial effort in categorizing the lengths of the hypocotyl and epicotyl, in 3 and 5 classes, it was necessary to first measure the plants and then categorize them.
2008), the length of the hypocotyl and epicotyl remain useful characters to distinguish soybean genotypes.
00% for the epicotyl length in the four experiments.
The estimates of genetic parameters, in general, for the lengths of the hypocotyl and epicotyl in the four experiments showed a situation that is favorable for the identification of superior genotypes.
The optimal size for the average showed small variations for the two variables and for the four genotypes, namely, the samples for the lengths of the hypocotyl and epicotyl varied for eight plants between the genotypes.
01) by the F test for the lengths of the hypocotyl and epicotyl in the four experiments (Table 1), indicating the existence of genetic variability among the genotypes, which enables success when selecting promising materials.
7596% for the length of the epicotyl in the four experiments.
Thus, the conversion of the data presented in this study may be considered useful in plant improvement, as the lengths of the hypocotyl and epicotyl showed high estimates of correlation and coincidence coefficients and the possibility of the selection of desirable genotypes.
Regarding the length of the epicotyl, the optimal sample size was between 58 and 73 for the average and between 29 and 70 for the variance.