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Let the resort's executive sous chef take you on an epicurean journey with a private seven-course degustation menu served with elan on the private deck of your Bedouin suite overlooking a waterhole.
Back on board, we dined at two of the restaurants, the aforementioned Sindhu and The Epicurean.
If Piso fits the bill, and if he studied Epicureanism at the villa, this raises an intriguing question: were the villa's artworks intended to reflect their owner's Epicurean beliefs--and how far were those beliefs compatible with the lifestyle of a wealthy Roman statesman?
An Apple iPad, Mystery Basket and Apple Watch Series 1 are featured "Epicurean Delight" raffle prizes, along with other baskets filled with restaurant gift cards, theater and movie tickets, and other entertainment venues.
The editors enjoyed her epicurean feast, which included cochinillo and wagyu beef steak.
Services include the Fine as Wine men's facial, Hot Whiskey Scour massage served with a shot of whiskey at the end and the Bern's Bourbon on the Rocks pedicure for the ultimate epicurean.
between 22, board San and Canaria, Epicurean top chef Chad Johnson makes sure his Elevage restaurant is a delicious celebration of American classics.
Epicurean teachings on how death should not be feared are laid out in the Epistle to Menoeceus.
The Glass House is a restaurant and wine bar and there are two speciality restaurants - the Epicurean and the Indian restaurant Sindhu.
The Epicurean notion of human flourishing rather has a distinctly Buddhist quality to it, characterized by the absence of physical pain (aponia) as well as by tranquility (ataraxia), requiring freedom from mental fear and disturbance.
WHERE TO EAT Bern's Steak House ( OPPOSITE The Epicurean, this famous steak house is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year.