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But beginning in the 1960s, epigraphers have determined that the ancient Maya script was partly phonological and that it could reproduce the entire range of Maya speech.
But each year the school had a visiting professor, and in 1954 he was one of the greatest epigraphers of the century, Benjamin Meritt, the leader of a troika of scholars who had just finished one of this century's landmarks of American classical scholarship, a new publication of the Athenian Tribute Lists.
Kearsley on the Imperial cult at the city, the provincial highpriesthood, and the Asiarchy strike a chord of interest for New Testament researchers no less than for ancient historians and epigraphers.
Epigraphers, who study inscriptions, are analyzing the writings recovered from the site.
Epigrapher Morley saw a sudden collapse of epigraphs, just as art historian Tatiana Proskouriakoff (1909-85) saw "a catastrophically sudden extinction of the arts, explained only in terms of some widespread and unforeseen disaster.
For brief valuations of Cyriacus as epigrapher see, in addition to Mommsen (CIL 3:1, xxiii); Guarducci, 1:29-32; and Calabi Limentani, 42-44.
103, whereas most other inscriptions are printed across the page with only a vertical bar to mark line divisions (for criticism of this point by an epigrapher see G.
This was largely the work of the epigrapher Charles Duroiselle, superintendent of the Archaeological Survey for most of the inter-war period.
The archaeological findings of Sharer and company, as well as recent glyph decipherments, indicate Classic Copan was a full-fledged political state "from the founder on up," contends epigrapher and art historian Linda Schele of the University of Texas in Austin.
Reproductions of Breasted's drawings and sketches reveal the precision that made him a talented epigrapher, and collation sheets from Chicago House's expeditions in Luxor demonstrate his team's evolving epigraphic methods.
55 A recent doctoral dissertation by an epigrapher on the inscriptions of Majapahit will no doubt be useful to future archaeological research on this topic: Machi Suhadi, "Tanah Sima Dalam Masyarakat Majapahit" (Ph.