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a quotation at the beginning of a book, chapter, etc., suggesting its theme



since the 14th century, a quotation used to open a work of literature or part of a work. Sources for epigraphs are folk literature, the Bible, aphorisms, fiction, and letters. Sometimes writers compose their own epigraphs. The epigraph introduces a fresh point of view to the topic under consideration, elucidating its meaning and indicating the traditions with which the work is linked.

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The Paris meeting responded by asking some illustrious specialists to re-consider, in a way structured in time and space, the archaeological and epigraphic testimonies available; their contributions reveal an image of pre-Islamic Arabia which is less monolithic and all-embracing.
Together the authors identify twelve statues as royal based on epigraphic evidence and six statues as royal based on art historical evidence.
O'Kane is to be commended for accounting for so much of the surviving epigraphic output and for assembling an extensive bibliography and index.
Some distracting errors (typos and references missing in the bibliography) should have been caught in the editing process, but these minor flaws do not alter the fact that Plank has produced an inspiring, integrative study of Maya dwellings, combining with great skill the epigraphic and archaeological data as well as ethnohistorical and ethnographic material.
Short of having Monte Alban's high priest materialize before us and recite the Zapotec day names with reference to carved stones, we are far from having final answers--especially considering the temporal variation in the epigraphic record and Classic period political dynamics.
This includes a summary of the history of Indian epigraphic study, an introduction to stone temple inscriptions as part of their physical surround, and a survey of the edited records found in six different sites included in the corpus (pp.
Writing and Literacy in the World of Ancient Israel: Epigraphic Evidence from the Iron Age.
Drawing on literary and epigraphic sources, Takacs (classics, Rutgers U.
The Greek east comprises a dozen scholarly essays in political, social, cultural and religious history (seven in English, five in French), ranging from general conspectuses to appraisals of particular sites or classes of textual, epigraphic or iconographic data.
Brand, in his introduction, sketches Bill's academic background, epigraphic work, and impressive list of scholarly publications, with some personal reminiscences and anecdotes, better to paint a more complete picture of Bill the scholar, teacher, and amazing human being.
Dr TRIPATI contributes to the current of research on trade across the Indian Ocean, and Medieval Kalinga voyaging in particular, by collating literary, epigraphic, numismatic and art-historical evidence with the archaeology of coastal Orissa, the Indian Ocean, and points as far as China and Rome.
The Latino-Punic ostraca are not included because their cursive Latin script requires a different epigraphic specialization, p.