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a quotation at the beginning of a book, chapter, etc., suggesting its theme



since the 14th century, a quotation used to open a work of literature or part of a work. Sources for epigraphs are folk literature, the Bible, aphorisms, fiction, and letters. Sometimes writers compose their own epigraphs. The epigraph introduces a fresh point of view to the topic under consideration, elucidating its meaning and indicating the traditions with which the work is linked.

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The tenth unit, 'Script and inscriptions in the Biblical period' by Benjamin Sass, is unfortunately not reproduced here, despite its singular importance in what is generally presumed to be an epigraphically impoverished archaeological record.
The form of li would be highly unusual, however, and makes this reading epigraphically much less likely than the reading Anaziti.
Epigraphically, no other text edition in the history of Assyriology can compare with this.
First attested epigraphically in the eleventh century (Ahiram), but continuing earlier features of, for example, Amarna Canaanite, Phoenician survives in North Africa until the fifth century A.
For detailed analyses, see the sign-by-sign comparative descriptions in my various epigraphically oriented publications.