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Removal of the hair by the roots by the use of forceps, chemical means, or roentgenotherapy.



the removal of hair for cosmetic or therapeutic purposes. Epilation is used, frequently in conjunction with other methods, to treat certain skin and hair diseases, including tricho-phytosis, microsporosis, and favus. The hair may be removed by special forceps, chemical agents (such as epilating wax), or roentgenotherapy. Electrolysis produces the most long-lasting effect, however, because the needle electrode destroys the hair bulbs, thus causing the hair to stop growing; with all the other methods of epilation, the hair grows back.

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As a general rule, if there is not any corneal staining it is better not to epilate but to prescribe lubrication for comfort.
Emjoi is also introducing the Sel Total Concept as an all-in-one product--that includes an 18-tweezer epilator and a built-in light for hard-to-see hair and a removable manual tweezer that allows women to manually epilate hair.
Chalk it up to too many options: Women can wax, epilate, shave wet with a razor.
Day Three Self-tanners can stain body hair and make it appear darker, so always shave, wax or epilate before applying them.
You can epilate short hairs; after each epilation, hair grows back finer.