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Removal of the hair by the roots by the use of forceps, chemical means, or roentgenotherapy.
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the removal of hair for cosmetic or therapeutic purposes. Epilation is used, frequently in conjunction with other methods, to treat certain skin and hair diseases, including tricho-phytosis, microsporosis, and favus. The hair may be removed by special forceps, chemical agents (such as epilating wax), or roentgenotherapy. Electrolysis produces the most long-lasting effect, however, because the needle electrode destroys the hair bulbs, thus causing the hair to stop growing; with all the other methods of epilation, the hair grows back.

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For instance, Braun Silk Epil 9, 7, and Philips Satinelle are some of the epilators specially designed for men.
Epilators can be painful and are time consuming too use, but they deliver good results.
The portable ES-WD74 foam epilator is completely waterproof - fully immiscible and can be used in the bath with lather or used dry, a statement said.
Braun Silk-Eapil's Dual Epilator. What the box says: A ground-breaking product combining the long-lasting benefits epilation with an exfoliation blade.
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Klum's role as a spokeswoman for German electronics company Braun's Soft-Perfection Epilator prompted the company to protect its assets by insuring the model's legs for nearly 52 million.
EPILATOR: Braun Silk-epil 5780, PS39.99, johnlewis.com Epilators can be painful and are time-consuming to use but they deliver good results.
So interested candidates who wish to further expanding their knowledge in the electrolysis field and learning how to use epilator for treatment of a number of skin conditions can book their place in Sterex Academy Advanced Electrolysis Course.
The court did denounce a foul-mouthed rap by Mr McIntyre - spawned after accusations Deana had used an epilator on the kitchen table, leaving leg hairs behind - as "vile abuse".
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