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Removal of the hair by the roots by the use of forceps, chemical means, or roentgenotherapy.



the removal of hair for cosmetic or therapeutic purposes. Epilation is used, frequently in conjunction with other methods, to treat certain skin and hair diseases, including tricho-phytosis, microsporosis, and favus. The hair may be removed by special forceps, chemical agents (such as epilating wax), or roentgenotherapy. Electrolysis produces the most long-lasting effect, however, because the needle electrode destroys the hair bulbs, thus causing the hair to stop growing; with all the other methods of epilation, the hair grows back.

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So interested candidates who wish to further expanding their knowledge in the electrolysis field and learning how to use epilator for treatment of a number of skin conditions can book their place in Sterex Academy Advanced Electrolysis Course.
It's the removal of body hair, including the hair root, with an electrical device called an epilator which works like tweezers.
Table 68: World Historic Review of Epilators by Geographic
In 2010, Epilady debuted its licensed line of epilators, shavers, trimmers and exfoliators under the Sharper Image brand, called the Sharper Image Total Body Hair Removal System.
Epilady brought the first epilator to market in 1986, and was an instant success worldwide.
Within the grooming category, epilators represented 10 percent of the unit purchases and 23 percent of the dollar sales of women's electric shavers in the fourth quarter.
With so many new shavers and epilators on the market, there's no excuse for bristly bits.
SX8121 offers the option of a 10 minute timeout for applications such as electric razors, trimmers or epilators, or a no timeout for direct motor and LED control in devices like portable LED torchlights.
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After 26 years in business, Epilady continues to produce the best epilators available today.