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a. a speech, usually in verse, addressed to the audience by an actor at the end of a play
b. the actor speaking this
2. a short postscript to any literary work, such as a brief description of the fates of the characters in a novel



(1) In drama, an address to the audience at the end of a work, containing, for example, a moral or a request for the audience’s indulgence.

(2) In novels, novellas, and poems of modern times, a narrative about the fate of the characters, usually several years after the events in the denouement. Less often, an epilogue discusses moral, philosophical, or aesthetic aspects of the work, as in L. N. Tolstoy’s War and Peace, or gives some information about the author, as in A. S. Pushkin’s The Fountain of Bakhchisarai.

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Other court epilogues are physically interactive; they force the monarch to enter their semi-fiction by presenting him or her with a gift.
5) For epilogues as generally the preserve of first performances only, see Stern, 81-119.
And may her dayes of blesse never have end, / Upon whose lyfe so many lyves depend" (G4r); while in Robert Wilson's Three Lordes the epilogue demands "Fall wee on knees and humbly let us pray, / First that from heaven upon our gratious Queene, / All maner blessings may be multiplied, .
2) A capital is used for the Epilogue character; lower case is for what he says.
The Rephaim are not mentioned in the epilogues in the books of Kings.
This would explain some of the inconsistencies in the epilogues.
The Epilogue refers mockingly to the recruiting of volunteers, and Mrs Barry then adds: 'Nay, sure at last th'Infection generall grew/ For t'other day I was a Captain too'.
That Betty Goodfield, a character that fits into the same line, should have been given to her seems only logical, and the possibility that this was so is strengthened by an allusion in the Epilogue to Thomas Durfey's Madam Fickle (1676).
7) The Virtuous Wife, London, 1680; Epilogue 20-44.