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The end portion of a long bone in vertebrates.



the jointed end of a tubular bone. The epiphyseal cartilage (known as growth plate) found between the epiphysis and the diaphysis plays a major role in the growth of bone lengthwise, becoming ossified between the ages of 12 and 25 years.

Injury to the epiphysis in childhood or adolescence may cause epiphysiolysis—that is, displacement of the epiphysis and rupture of the epiphyseal cartilage, which may slow down the bone’s growth and result in its shortening. A more frequent condition is osteoepiphysiolysis, in which the fracture line extends to the diaphysis as well.

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However, training programmes performed without proper supervision can greatly increase the risk of musculoskeletal injuries such as fractures of the epiphyseal plate, herniated intervertebral disks, and lower back injuries in both children and adolescents.
This constellation of imaging features is helpful in differentiating an intraosseous ganglion from other radiolucent epiphyseal lesions such as chondroblastoma, giant cell tumor, simple bone cyst, clear cell chondrosarcoma (in older patients), and subchondral cyst or geode, which occurs in the setting of arthritis.
In normal epiphyseal cartilage matrix, their distribution has been demonstrated to be mutually exclusive, even though both are expressed in epiphyseal cartilage chondrocytes.
Skeletal maturation is also reflected in epiphyseal closure of the long bones and of some areas of the axial skeleton, such as the iliac epiphysis.
In one study, grafting of the cultured homologous chondrocyte and the embryonic chondrocyte as epiphyseal rout in chicken filled the defects with hyaline cartilage completely [11].
Treatment of posterior epiphyseal disruption of the medial clavicle with a modified Balser plate.
From the CT scans, the metaphyseal trabecular bone, epiphyseal trabecular bone, metaphyseal cortical bone and diaphyseal cortical bone were analyzed.
Neolithic seal exploitation on the Aland Islands in the Baltic Sea on the basis of epiphyseal fusion data and metric studies.
Individuals with pseudoachondroplasia (PSACH) develop short-limbed dwarfism with notable features of joint laxity, early onset degenerative joint disease, metaphyseal and epiphyseal maldevelopment, and vertebral malformations.
Conventional giant cell tumors of bone are eccentric epiphyseal lesions typically found in the knee region of skeletally mature patients.
However, Northern analysis of total RNA has shown mRNA encoding for BSP also in epiphyseal cartilage and decidua, although these amounts were much smaller than those detected in skeletal tissues [3].