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The end portion of a long bone in vertebrates.



the jointed end of a tubular bone. The epiphyseal cartilage (known as growth plate) found between the epiphysis and the diaphysis plays a major role in the growth of bone lengthwise, becoming ossified between the ages of 12 and 25 years.

Injury to the epiphysis in childhood or adolescence may cause epiphysiolysis—that is, displacement of the epiphysis and rupture of the epiphyseal cartilage, which may slow down the bone’s growth and result in its shortening. A more frequent condition is osteoepiphysiolysis, in which the fracture line extends to the diaphysis as well.

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The slaughter-pattern of horses has mainly been evaluated on the basis of epiphysial fusion (Habermehl 1975: 48).
The cranial roof of white sharks has an epiphysial bar and epiphysial fenestrum just behind the anterior fontanelle, but this is absent in postnatal crania of shortfin makos, porbeagles, and Sanzo's embryo (Compagno, 1990).
Rissman, in an exquisite study and analysis of the associated fauna via concentration on mandibular eruption, teeth rings, and epiphysial fusion, was able to determine that the animals involved were slaughtered in the dry season, and most at ages from two to five years; with some animals kept to older ages and very few young killed.