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The suppression of the effect of one gene by another.
A checking or stoppage of a hemorrhage or other discharge.
A scum or film of substance floating on the surface of urine.



the interaction of two nonallelic genes (that is, genes that are at different loci) whereby one of them, called the epistatic gene, suppresses the effect of the other one, called the hypostatic gene. Phenotypically, epistasis is manifested as a deviation from the segregation that would be expected in digenetic inheritance; in this case, however, there is no violation of Mendel’s laws, inasmuch as the alleles of the interacting genes are distributed in complete conformity to the law of independent assortment, or combination.

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It is being proposed that a risk score comprising the most significantly associated variants for each blood pressure phenotype may be developed and evaluated for epistatic effect amounts to several millimeters mercury of blood pressure (13).
At the same time, genetic and allelic heterogeneity, in the presence of unilocus mutational and phenotypic diversity, is making things complicated while it is providing clues for implicating epistatic effects and modifier gene function in interpreting the complex picture we are faced with.
The authors suggested that the changes in intermediate ratios through the pathway might be the foundation for observed statistical epistatic interactions.
In addition, sexual polyploidization produces a wide array of complex epistatic (interlocus) interactions.
Five female families which included ma, black and white were also discarded because the recessive white gene, when homozygous, is epistatic over all other color loci.
This strong relationship between the genotypes performance indicated that the mechanisms that control AE and UtE for N and P may be pleiotropic or epistatic.
Epistatic roles of E2 glycoprotein mutations in adaption of chikungunya virus to Aedes albopictus and Ae.
Epistatic Epistatic genetic variance is also produced by interactions among alleles but at different loci rather than at the same locus.
meningitidis and stresses the importance of epistatic genetic interactions in disease susceptibility.
A major limitation of using a multiplicative interaction model to derive polygenic risk from single-gene studies is that epistatic relationships are not considered.
Epistatic effect of C-reactive protein (CRP) single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) +1059 and interleukin 1B SNP +3954 on CRP concentration in healthy male blood donors.
Through the development of a novel experimental approach we shall elucidate complex epistatic interaction networks between mutations accumulated during resistance evolution.