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They included the Kamiriithu theatre project, writing two powerful novels in Gikuyu, and his famous claim that he had made an epistemological break from English and the world associated with it.
Nevertheless, we believe that the findings of their study may be due to the particularities of SC behavior in areas with prolonged, armed conflicts; that is, before necessarily suggesting an epistemological break, this "anomaly" suggests a particular effect in certain contexts.
The claim of The Studio is not then just aesthetic, it is epistemological; realism as an epistemological break with the dead weight of ideological mystifications.
As splits, they provide the model for its main theoretical structure: the epistemological break or, more literally, cut ("coupure"), which is the mature Marx's alleged paradigm shift from his own youthful humanist idealism to scientific materialism.
We have witnessed that since the late 20th century the epistemological break came with the paradigm shift towards contextual theologies from the perspectives of uprooted and oppressed peoples.
Where Donnelly goes wrong, I would venture, is in his assumption of a sharp epistemological break between Augustine and Milton, a break he blames on the Protestant Reformation and the subsequent rise of modern rationalism.
Ngugi subsequently stated that "it was Kamirithu which forced me to turn to Gikuyu and hence into what has amounted to an epistemological break with my past" (Decolonizing the Mind).
Thus, while somewhat more moderate in tone than Augustine, Aquinas does not represent a substantial epistemological break.
No one, least of all the physicist, is unaware of the fact that the dawn of modern science brought with it a necessary and definitive epistemological break with the then traditional view of nature and thus the difference between the earthly and the heavenly, which was thought of as ontological.
To the extent there has been an epistemological break in the twentieth century associated with the Holocaust, might it not also be linked to large-scale atrocities that preceded the Holocaust (such as the genocide of the Armenians in 1911 and Stalin's murder of millions by famine in the 1930s) and to such post- 1945 horrors as the depredations in Cambodia and recent atrocities in Rwanda and the former Yugoslavia?
and the liberal democratic polity as a subtle but insidious danger to authentic life as a disciple, this stems from his strong version of an epistemological break between Christianity and liberalism.
Secondly, and following from the first, both the notions of radical discontinuities, or so-called epistemological breaks, and the opposite idea of absolute immutability are mere abstractions.