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epistyle, epistylium

An architrave.
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It is probably more likely that the dedication took place in the Prytaneion, since the city's common hearth was also "a place sacred to Pallas." (147) The inscribed epistyle block could then represent the architectural remains of a 2nd-century A.D.
Komodromos, "Planar investigation of the seismic response of ancient columns and colonnades with epistyles using a custom-made software," Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, vol.
Above the columns are epistyles nine and a half feet long and four feet high, on which you see superbly carved sculptures of the Thessalian battle of the Centaurs and Lapiths, while on the frieze placed high on the inner walls about two cubits from the top, that great artist Phidias has magnificently represented the victories of Athens in the time of Pericles, each frieze being about the height of a ten-year-old boy.