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In other words, the movie transcends its own epitaphic and thus monumental potential, and becomes an anti-monument in its own right.
Through the burial practice and epitaphic writing social bonds are created and individuals joined.
In Memoriam notices are a subset of epitaphic writing which is by
For example, he suggests how epitaphic production signals significant changes in theological practices and attitudes.
The living "coral takes on an epitaphic function" to restore to memory what has had to die below it (Amigoni 95-96).
The fixedness of the material sema was also contentious for the Greek epitaphic poet Simonides (ca.
epitaph, which resists the teleological and the epitaphic. Because of
Nevertheless, if the man-made epigraph signifies men's desire for the cultural appropriation of their woman, then, the epitaphic language itself also aspires to perform as a "counter-force" by disrupting and dissolving the masculine desire/law/language, attempting to reconfigure the boundaries of the relationship between the living and the dead.
There is accordingly an epitaphic quality in the reason Marcello offers for making love to his wife; the reason becomes a prayer addressed to his future, his death, but at the same time a theatrical role he has assumed: "Sono stato un uomo simile a tutti gli altri uomini ...
Subjectivity is epitaphic, forever arriving "too late" to be grasped from within.
(3) The primacy of epitaphic textual study over art is partly due to the dearth or absence of iconography on the earliest tombstones of Europe.
Although she "may want a lasting tribute to her pet,--she seems all too aware that the poet's power of representation, and of creating a work of epitaphic permanence, in some way violates the theme being celebrated" (28).