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(Russian, epopeia), a monumental epic work that is distinctively concerned with general folk themes. In the early stages of literature the epopee was the prevailing type of folk epic; it depicted life’s most essential (or, as Hegel called them, “substantive”) events and conflicts—either the mythological conflicts perceived by the folk imagination as clashes between the forces of nature or the military clashes between tribes and peoples. The ancient and medieval epopees were lengthy poetic works derived either from the combination of brief epic legends or from the development (expansion) of a central event. Individual works were created by certain poets as later imitations of the folk epopee, including Vergil’s Aeneid and Voltaire’s Henriade.

Prose epopees arose from the type of epic literature that described social mores, revealing not the heroic emergence of a national society but rather its comic condition—for example, Gargantua and Pantagruel by Rabelais, Dead Souls by N. V. Gogol, and Penguin Island by A. France. “Novels-epopees,” or epic novels, originated in 19th- and 20th-century novelistic literature, which showed the character development of individual persons and in which national and historical issues were explored in greater depth.

In some epic novels, such as Tolstoy’s War and Peace and Sholokhov’s The Quiet Don, the protagonists’ character development is subordinated to events that are measured on the national or historical scale. Another category is that of the “heroic-novelistic” epopees, in which the protagonists’ characters are formed in the process of their conscious and active participation in historical and revolutionary events—as they are in Peter the Great by A. N. Tolstoy and The Communists by L. Aragon.


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The fights that took place from 09/21 to 13/26 August 1877 between the defenders of the pass and the Turkish Army entered the Bulgarian history under the name of the Shipka Epopee.
Ainsi, bien que l'on observe une grande coherence, en ce qui concerne tant le style que le fond, parmi les differentes versions d'une meme epopee, deux prestations, fussent-elles d'un meme griot, ne sont jamais identiques.
Two years into the Syrian revolution epopee, Barack Obama's administration discovered what Kremlin had already figured out, i.
La mobilisation pour le droit de vote et d'eligibilite des femmes au Quebec constitue une veritable epopee qui merite d'etre racontee, particulierement aux jeunes, qui pourraient y trouver une inspiration.
C'est une epopee qui, mettant en scene de maniere " universelle " la passion et le destin d'un homme, ne concerne pas l'origine d'un peuple ni son histoire commencante.
Dumezil Georges, (1987) Mythe et epopee, Esquisses de mythologie, Paris, Quarto Gallimard, vol.
Although these authors use variegated codes and styles (including neo-avant-garde experimentation, melodrama, neo-detective story, adventure accounts, science fiction, mediatic documentary, the simulacrum of social epopee and the urban chronicle), they coincide in their political and ideological stance, which Garcia-Corales groups under the umbrella term "the poetics of disillusionment.
You complete your epopee and send it away: and wonder, if maybe, they have nothing on next week, perhaps they'd like some more creamcakes, bar a brith and a pot of Lady Grey Tea.
LIKE MARCEL BENABOU'S other books, Pourquoi je n'ai ecrit aucun de mes livres (1986), Jette ce livre avant qu'il soit trop tard (1992), and Jacob, Menahem et Mimoun: Une epopee familiale (1995), Ecrire sur Tamara resists easy generic classification.
For example, in "Sheet-Lightning Epopee or Once Again for Thucydides," the narrator is literally guided by flares of sheet lightning in the sky to the literal and mythic wonders of the Pleiades, while "Attempt to Exorcise One Story with Another" finds the narrator watching as the touch of a small blue butterfly releases the screams of children persecuted during World War II, "almost a half century after their deportation, but only now as they should.
Epopee palawan chantee par Masinu / Mamiminbin, in Quest of a Wife.
I know that what our neighbours call "longueurs," (We've not so good a word, but have the thing In that complete perfection which ensures An epic from Bob Southey every spring -) Form not the true temptation which allures The reader: but 'twould not be hard to bring Some free examples of the epopee, To prove its grand ingredient is ennui.