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Tenders are invited for Repairs To Polyurethane, Joint Filling, Epoxy Mortar And Painting To All Ground Marks At Ptt And Runway At Afs Hakimpet (Tender Id No-2015-Mes-52066-1)
A 'try-it-yourself' campaign is also being organized during the Big 5 wherein guests can sample the features and benefits of Mapei products, including the fast-drying liquid elastic membrane for waterproofing indoors; solvent-free, non flammable vinyl/ PVC adhesive dispersed in water; ready-to-use solvent-free polyurethane elastic adhesive; or acid-resistant epoxy mortar for tile joints.
Stonclad GS is a seamless, high-performing epoxy mortar system that resists wear, impact, abrasion and chemicals, while remaining easy to clean.
This grouting for large floors and walls is perfect for the foodstuffs industry, such as dairies, and also food court areas where its two component, acid resistant epoxy mortar which is particularly easy to apply and clean for tile joints wider than 3 mm makes upkeep and cleanliness easy on the maintenance teams.
There are a large number of products available commercially for repairing cracks in concrete: structures epoxy, resins, epoxy mortar and other synthetic mixtures.
Next, small holes in the surface of the concrete are filled with a coating of compatible high-strength, quick-setting hydraulic cement or epoxy mortar.
threshed hook dipped in epoxy primer and fixed in the 10 mm dia drilled holes on RCC members having a minimum depth of 70 mm with epoxy mortar and as per direction of engineer-in-charge.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of 3 Component Compound Epoxy Mortar
Tenders are invited for Samakhiyali & Lakadiya: Station Building Repairs And Strengthening Through Cement/Epoxy Grouting And Epoxy Mortar
Limited Tenders are invited for Treatment Work Of Draft Tube No-3 And 4 Of Tehri Hpp With Epoxy Mortar And Chemical Grouting
Tenders are invited for Epoxy Mortar Treatment For Under Sluice Liner 3 And Epoxy Painting Of Under Sluice Liner 2 Of Dam, Cps-I
No 144 Up/Dn ,ROB-Saphale, Vapi, Valsad, Sachin, Surat, EOT-Crane at electric Loco shed workshop & rewinding shop and repair of honey combed of concrete by epoxy mortar of ROB-Valsad,Palghar and Br.