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A benign tumorlike lesion of the gingiva.



a benign tumorlike growth of soft tissues in the region of the alveolar processes. Epulis results from prolonged irritation of the mucosa and from hormonal changes symptomatic of defective bone formation. An epulis grows slowly and may achieve a size 3 cm in diameter or more. It becomes ulcerous when traumatized by the sharp edge of a tooth or dentures. It is treated by surgery.

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While fibromatous and ossifying epulides are confined to gingiva, acanthomatous epulides often extensively invade adjacent bone (Head et al., 2002).
Fibromatous Epulides are benign growths that are usually stalk-shaped, pink masses that envelop the teeth.
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Due to the nature of epulides, having the surgeon available to immediately ligate and remove it is essential to minimise the chances of airway obstruction.
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