equal temperament

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equal temperament:

see tuning systemstuning systems,
methods for assigning pitches to the twelve Western pitch names that constitute the octave. The term usually refers to this procedure in the tuning of keyboard instruments.
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He preaches that there's nothing natural about equal temperament, or "ET" as he refers to it.
Curiously, the theatricality of mobile horns and thejuxtaposition of natural and equal temperament tuning seemed peripheral to this intriguing interplay of instrumental textures and dialogue.
The long, slowly modulating drones on Tony Conrad's box set Early Minimalism Volume One (Table of the Elements) are totally uncompromising, even if they do relax the listener over time; the electrified violins that produce the sounds attack tiny intervals across the audible spectrum with slightly wobbly intonation, never applicable to the equal temperament of the piano.