equal-time rule

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equal-time rule,

a Federal Communications CommissionFederal Communications Commission
(FCC), independent executive agency of the U.S. government established in 1934 to regulate interstate and foreign communications in the public interest.
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 rule that requires equal air time for all major candidates competing for political office. It was preceded by the fairness doctrine, abolished in 1987, which required radio and television broadcasters to air contrasting views on controversial public issues.
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Trump's "SNL" gig also will trigger the FCC's equal-time rule,AaAaAeAeAaAeAeA w requires TV stations that allow political candidates free airtime to offer the same option to other candidates, (http://variety.
The hardest part was keeping it secret for so long because there's all these FEC (Federal Election Commission) rules and equal-time rules.
Kucinich said ABC violated equal-time rules and pointed out that its parent company, Walt Disney Co.