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The Sudanese Sufi Islam's glorious tendencies of peaceful co-existence, equalitarianism, tolerance of social differences, and emphasis on humanitarian relations was nothing but a huge product of the African-Christian-Islamic merges of the country's cultures and beliefs.
Religious fundamentalism in Islam presents another model: authoritarian equalitarianism, where freedom is sacrificed for a sense of equality.
Anatole France illustrated this point when he sarcastically applauded the majestic equalitarianism of the law, which "forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread.
In an autobiographical essay called "Up From Liberalism" (1958), Weaver recalls that in his undergraduate years at the University of Kentucky earnest professors had him "persuaded entirely that the future was with science, liberalism, and equalitarianism.
that transforms into equalitarianism as embodied in mediocrity as the
the god which the Koestlers, the Spenders and I began to worship was one that encompassed the broad concepts of socialism, with its equalitarianism, its social and political democracy and universal brotherhood.
Given uncertainty around the degree to which Turks are willing to set aside traditional beliefs and practices in favor of secularism and equalitarianism, an issue of great interest would be the assignment of women expatriate managers to Turkey.
The fourth part is historical: A critique of Soviet equalitarianism (XIII and XIV).
Instead, he embraces in part the fallacy of modern Democrats that Jefferson was committed to simple majoritarianism and equalitarianism.
the Islamic heritage comprises rationalist and humanistic currents and that it is replete with values that complement modern human rights such as concern for human welfare, justice, tolerance, and equalitarianism.
Tied to this is the pull of equalitarianism, whether in its liberal form or as a value with deep roots in the history of the labour movement.
While parts of the work are respectful of Native American Christianity, other parts slight Native American Christianity as at best hybrid and view Native American Christians as second class, despite the authors' assertions of their own equalitarianism.