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1. of, like, or existing at or near the equator
2. Astronomy of or referring to the celestial equator



a lens or mirror telescope on a parallactic, or equatorial, mounting (seeTELESCOPE MOUNTING). A clock mechanism rotates the telescope around a polar axis at a rate of one rotation per 24 sidereal hours, so that the celestial object being observed, which moves because of the apparent diurnal rotation of the celestial sphere, remains in the field of view of the telescope. Graduated circles with measuring devices are secured to the axes to direct the telescope at the celestial object according to its hour angle and declination and to enable the approximate determination of its coordinates. Auxiliary astronomical tubes mounted on the primary one, called the finder and the guide, are used to locate the necesssary object and to keep the instrument directed at it during photography.

Equatorials may be visual (equipped with an ocular that has a micrometer for differential measurements) or photographic (with plateholders). (SeeASTRONOMICAL INSTRUMENTS AND DEVICES.)

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Several other intercoronal cells are positioned at the aboral and oral poles as well as equatorially on the surface of the larvae.
Bottom Line: If the budget allows, then an equatorially mounted 8-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain is a superb all-purpose telescope for all types of celestial viewing as well as for astrophotography.
I made memorable observations of the flotilla with my observatory's 16-inch, equatorially mounted f/4.
In effect, the former is dominated by a globalscale "hypermode" that exhibits an equatorially symmetric structure reminiscent of ENSO.
71m) equatorially mounted reflector at Reynolds' observatory near Birmingham in October and November 1915.
The Centre has two telescopes--an 11-inch Dobsonian donated by Dudley Field and a 13-inch equatorially fork mounted Newtonian reflector built and donated by club member Steve Kleyn.
This equatorially mounted reflector features 6-inch (152-mm) Newtonian optics with a focal length of 910 mm (f/6).
Since his scope moves in altitude and azimuth rather than equatorially, the setting circles are calibrated in altitude and azimuth, too.
Hay owned a number of telescopes at Norbury, but the largest instruments were his 12 1/2-inch (318mm) equatorially mounted f/7.
Finding the 10" telescope too cumbersome, Peter decided to make an equatorially mounted 6" reflector from scratch including grinding his own mirror.
I observed the galaxies of the NGC 697 group with my backyard observatory's 16-inch equatorially mounted f/4.