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Median veins free, equidistant, attached to hypodermis.
For a specific (large) a, the following corollary justifies the use of equidistant plant locations for each firm as an initial approximation for the SPNE locations.
Located 30 minutes equidistant between Dallas and Fort Worth, Arlington is near world-class entertainment, dining, and cultural attractions.
Hammer introduced the sensible alternate condition that all places should be at their proper distance from the center, a condition comparable to that defining the azimuthal equidistant projection.
East Timor wants the maritime boundary with Australia to be equidistant, which would put all the current oil and gas activity and all proven reserves in the Timor Sea within its area of sovereignty.
The only requirements are for a standard-size spindle hole, and at least three edge points, radially equidistant from the center, to define a virtual circumference and secure the piece while it's spinning.
What they didn't have was equidistant letter sequence (ELS) technology, computer-based calculations capable of finding patterns of equally spaced letters.
We studied a 62-year-old man with light chain disease (multiple myeloma) whose urine protein electrophoresis (UPE; electrophoresis performed on agarose gel on a Panagel high resolution electrophoresis system; gel was stained with Amido Black) showed >15 narrow bands in the [beta]- and [gamma]-globulin regions; many of the bands were strongly stained and equidistant (Fig.
The consultant," he said, "is equidistant from theory and practice, but doesn't necessarily budge from that position.
The 234,000 square foot facility on approximately 20 acres is located in Elkton, Maryland, approximately equidistant from the major metropolitan centers of Philadelphia and Baltimore.
Drill starter holes and insert three eye screws equidistant around the base edge.