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On drawings, abbr. for “equipment.”
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- Equipping of medical centers in Kara-Kilja village, Osh region and Tyup village of Issyk-Kul region.
When asked about what the ultimate goal is in training and equipping a group of Syrian opposition forces, Psaki said their effort is about degrading and defeating ISIL.
As the life-cycle management command for class VIII, USAMMA is responsible for equipping and sustaining medical units, which must be done using the Army Force Generation (ARFORGEN) model.
AWPD-1 called for nothing short of organizing, training, and equipping the world's largest and mightiest air force.
The Equipping Church: Serving Together to Transform Lives.
He cautions, however, that equipping a loader with solid, hybrid or foam-filled tires may violate the ROPS rating.
According to Cheryl Lewis, the Foundation's director of development, the price tag for equipping both this facility and Shepherd of the Valley in Boardman, Ohio, with the electronic lifts was close to $130,000.
In a May 13 letter to Carol Hallett, president of the Air Transport Association, the airline industry's most powerful lobby group, National Transportation Safety Board Chairman Jim Hall wrote, "I urge your members to follow through on the commitment they made six months ago to retrofit their Class D cargo compartments." Hallet responded with a strongly-worded reply challenging Hall's technical competence and declaring that the task of equipping airliners with smoke detectors is being "expeditiously accomplished." Yet the time line she provided Hall showed that her member airlines plan to take five years to complete the job.
To increase sales, Subaru is taking its wagons and equipping them for special purposes.
The program is called EQUIP--short for Equipping Youth to Help One Another--explains John C.
Equipping an accounting office with the hardware and software that best meets the firm's needs should be the primary goal, not equipping it with the latest or most expensive.