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Additionally, equitability has been used as an indicator representing whether all members participate to a similar degree without monopolizing behavior, in collaborative learning (Calvani et al.
Even when dealing with neighbouring areas under the same climatic conditions, evaluation of the floristic composition showed significant patterns of variation for the phytosociological indices, diversity, equitability and similarity between different environments.
The generalization capability and connectivity allowed for one network to perform the simultaneous estimation of Shannon index and Pielou Equitability index.
The structural ecological indices used for this work are the Shannon-Weaver index of diversity and the index of equirepartition or equitability.
We quantified diversity for the overall avifauna as well as for specialized understory insectivores using species richness, the Shannon Diversity Index (H) based on natural logarithms, equitability (H'/lnS, where S= number of species), evenness ([e.
As long as I dropped the seeds of acceptance, inclusion, and equitability, I was doing what I needed to do.
In addition, the equitability was calculated according to the formula J' = H'/ln S, where H' is the Shannon-Weaver index and S is the total number of food components found in the sample.
Relative evenness or equitability (Shannon-Weaver index) of the importance value of species was expressed as H = -Ssi=1 Pi (log Pi), where S is the total number of species and Pi is the relative importance value (relative cover) of the ith species.
The structure of the Ichthyofauna of Chumbeiro Stream was analyzed in terms of absolute frequency and abundance, and relative frequency and abundance, for each point, as well as by the Shannon-Wiener diversity index (H' = - [summation]pi logpi, where pi is the relative frequency of species i), equitability (J = H'/[H'.
Principle Definition Respect for autonomy Duty to respect a patient's right of governance Nonmaleficence Duty to avoid causing harm and to minimize harm to the patient Beneficence Duty to maximize benefits and to enhance patient's well-being Justice Duty to treat patients fairly and equitability
The procedures include completing the VAT law, which is currently partially applied, with the aim of ensuring social equitability and to resolve the issues in the current system.