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1. Maths
a. having a particular property in common; equal
b. (of two equations or inequalities) having the same set of solutions
c. (of two sets) having the same cardinal number
2. Maths Logic (of two propositions) having an equivalence between them



The equivalent of an element is the weight, expressed in carbon mass units, that will combine with or replace one atomic weight of hydrogen or one-half atomic weight of oxygen.

The equivalent of an acid is equal to the acid’s molecular weight divided by its alkalinity (number of hydrogen ions).

The equivalent of a base is equal to the base’s molecular weight divided by its acidity (number of hydroxyl groups).

The equivalent of a salt is equal to the molecular weight of the salt divided by the sum of the charges of the cations or anions forming the salt.

In oxidation-reduction reactions, the equivalent of an oxidizing agent is equal to the quotient obtained as a result of dividing the agent’s molecular weight by the number of electrons obtained by the atom or atoms of the reduced element. The equivalent may vary, depending on the number of electrons accepted by the oxidizing agent.

The concept of equivalent is widely used in the stoichiometric calculations of chemical reactions.


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Extending this argument of ErCi (or equivalently ErCr with large K) to OHN equation it can be assumed that the values of kf obtained using eq.
A crossing will be isthmus if any two of the four local regions at the crossing are the same or equivalently if each crossing has four distinct regions.
The DGS is equivalently modelled as a parallel LC resonance tank connected in series on host transmission, and the stub with rectangular patch is represented by a series LC resonance tank connected in shunt between the signal and ground line.
Consider one of the examples from above: {mixture of heads and tails, no mixture of heads and tails} (or equivalently {{HTT, THT, TTH, HHT, HTH, THH}, {HHH, TTT}}) would be a sample set for three flips of a fair coin because all possible outcomes are listed.
We show that the dependence measure is crucial because it suffices to show that, given a fair premium and positive or negative dependent risks, an individual can obtain a final wealth distribution with less risk or equivalently with less weight in its tails by selecting either less or more than full insurance)
For the poorer women in the study, this meant spiritual healing, while the more affluent sought out ways to cope with stress, but neither group could find equivalently successful psychic outlets anywhere else in South Korean society.
Infiniti claims that, over an equivalently specified M30d variant, the hybrid costs just pounds 1,200 more.
2]x|| for each vector x [member of] H or equivalently [||T*x||.
As a result, they "overestimated" average schooling in 1960, or equivalently, "underestimated" the growth of schooling between 1960 and 1970.
of Texas at Austin) proclaims the doctrine of Reagonomics to be "Another God That Failed," in reference to the 1949 book of essays by famous ex-communists, in that its theoretical pillars of monetarism, supply-side economics (including tax cuts and deregulation), balanced budgets, and free trade in fact make up nothing more than a governing myth that serve as a mask for the "predator state," which engages in "the systematic abuse of public institutions for private profit or, equivalently, the systematic undermining of public protections for the benefit of private clients.