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Two eradiation regimens were randomly selected in this study: The EAC regimen consisted of esomeprazole 20 mg bid, amoxicillin 1.0 bid and clarimothin 0.5 bid; in the sequential regimen, esomeprazole 20 mg bid and amoxicillin 1.0 bid were administered for the first 5 days, while esomeprazole 20 mg bid, clarimothin 0.5 bid and tinidazole 0.5 bid were given for the following 5 days.
The environmental challenges facing the country were related to air, water and noise pollution with e- waste and eradiation posing new threats.
Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS) is an act driven biggest and ambitious rural employment generating and poverty eradiation scheme.
Due to the eradiation policy, it was difficult to collect from large numbers of infected animals with clinical signs.
Statistical analysis of the third and overall eradiation rates was performed between two groups using the chi-square test.
Here we discuss the possibility of using a special construction of a gaseous detector of ionizing eradiation as a detector of CNNS.
There is no inherent contradiction between economic growth, poverty eradiation, and sustainability.
A clinical study of measles during an endemic in Poland shows that despite high vaccination coverage needed for eradiation since the 1980s, an epidemic of measles with 2255 reported cases occurred between November 1997 and 1998 ([1, 14]).
KANDAHAR CITY (PAN): Nearly 410 acres of land was cleared of poppy crops during an ongoing poppy eradiation campaign that targeted two districts in southern Helmand province, officials said on Tuesday.
Emphasising that eradiation of poverty was the principal target of the government, Natarajan said: "The bottom line is that poverty eradication is our primary goal for a green economy, it is the pillar." (ANI)
Assessment of change in risk for release of Ehrlichia ruminantium (Heartwater) into the continental United States following discontinuation of the Tropical Bont Tick (Amblyomma variegatum) eradiation program on St.