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It is known that when [OMEGA] is a two-dimensional disk and V(x) [equivalent to] 0, the same statement holds true, even though W[OMEGA]UE (weak quantum unique ergodicity) is not satisfied [6].
Zhang, "Persistence and ergodicity of plant disease model with Markov conversion and impulsive toxicant input," Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation, vol.
Geometric ergodicity of Gibbs and block Gibbs samplers for a hierarchical random effects model.
So, we shall estimate such scheme ergodicity in the sense of the directed graph ergodic subset [13].
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We shall seek the optimum estimate of these parameters, preserving the ergodicity condition and the properties of realization (1) of the process.
One interesting way to design pseudo-random generators can be found in chaos theory [8,9,10], Indeed, chaotic systems are characterized by their high sensitivity to initial parameters and some properties like ergodicity, mixing property and high complexity [8, 11].
Some of the technical terms discussed in the book include Ergodicity stationarity and noise-to-signal ratio.)
Using ergodicity hypothesis, as the space-time compensatory phenomenon making it possible to conduct similar assessments in space by the estimates in time and vice versa, the dependence of the humus horizon extreme power from energy costs on soil formation allows us calculate the development extreme values that a soil of particular granulometric composition may attain provided the keeping of continuing climatic conditions of the modern era (instrumental period), taking into account the long-term climate scenarios, either by past time intervals (if the results of climate reconstructions are available).
It is assumed that all random parameters are statistically stationary and obey the ergodicity principle.