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An instrument with a recording device used to measure work performed by muscles under control conditions.



an instrument used for performing and measuring fixed amounts of mechanical work.

Ergometers vary according to the kind of work to be performed and the particular muscles used in the work. They may take the form of finger or hand ergometers, bicycle ergometers, treadmills (moving paths that operate at variable speeds and inclinations), steps of different heights, spring levers or pedals, and handwheels. Modern ergometers record the amount of energy expended and parameters of such physiological systems as the cardiovascular system and the respiratory system. Ergometers are used primarily in work and sports laboratories. (See also.)

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Our research team designed a new rectilinear stepping ergometer (RSE) that was based on a spinning bike and used up and down reciprocating vertical motion of the lower extremities in place of conventional circular motion.
The purpose of this study was to verify the effects of wearing compression stockings during a maximal exercise test on a cycle ergometer on metabolic [lactate concentrations ([LAC]), hemodynamic (HR and V[O.
Once you are able to do some more intense exercise, the best thing out there is the arm ergometer," Lee says.
Then each subject exercised on a bicycle ergometer with incremental loads, until the maximum is reached at exhaustion.
Slide-based ergometer rowing: effects on force production and neuromuscular activity.
2] was not different when different ergometers were used; and secondly, that for the group, the OUES and [VO.
In this sense, several investigations have questioned the use of specific ergometers as an alternative to field test.
Our research involving exercise testing and training of PAD patients required a calf ergometer and since none was commercially available, we developed our own.
Ergometers have indicators that calculate work output.
Both types of ergometers were widely utilized by rowers for training (Colloud et al.
Of these, the tests that stand out are those using specific ergometers (2,4,7) and performed in water (9,19), in addition to the tests that analyze force and its relationship with performance (7,8,18).